ASL102 Elementary American Sign Language II

A continuation of ASL101. This course builds upon the vocabulary and grammatical rules of American Sign Language. Students will focus on facial grammar and non-manual markers. Through assignments both inside and outside of the classroom, students will learn about the Deaf Community and Deaf Culture. This class is taught primarily in ASL, priority seating given to Deaf or hard of hearing individuals. Students intending to enroll in American Sign Language Studies must pass the course with a minimum grade of C. Please note: Prerequisite ASL 101 must have been taken within the past 12 months. Students who have taken ASL 101 more than 12 months prior to registration must first be assessed by Deaf Studies faculty for permission to register.

Credit Hours


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ASL101 Elementary American Sign Language I Minimum Grade of: C


  • Foreign Language Elective

  • Free Elective

  • Humanities Elective

  • Liberal Arts Elective

  • Global Awareness Intensive