Catalog Announcement

The NECC 2020-2021 Academic Catalog (Effective Fall 2020) is now available online.

The Academic Catalog contains:

What’s New

Updated Policies 

Helpful Hints regarding Copying and Pasting links/URLs from the Academic Catalog

It is important to point to the current published Academic Catalog; follow these steps:

  • In your browser, navigate to the Academic Catalog page 
  • Highlight and Copy the URL 
  • Paste the URL into your content (i.e., syllabus, webpage, etc…)
  • Edit the URL by Replacing the numeric catalog year (2020-2021) with the word current 
  • Ensure that there are not any extra spaces around current or the link will not work 


Copied Academic Catalog URL: /2019-2020-Updated/Catalog/College-Policies/Academic-Policies-and-Procedures

Edited Academic Catalog URL: /current/Catalog/College-Policies/Academic-Policies-and-Procedures

You can access the Academic Catalog 24/7 from the website, myNECC portal, and Self-Service. 

Questions? Contact the Catalog Manager at