Social Science Elective

ANT101Cultural Anthropology3
ECO201Micro Economics3
ECO202Macro Economics3
GEO101Introduction to Geography3
GOV101American Government & Politics3
GOV102Introduction to Political Science3
GOV110Introduction to American Law3
GOV211Civil Rights & Liberties3
HIS101US History I3
HIS102US History II3
HIS111Western Civilization I3
HIS112Western Civilization II3
HIS121World Civilization I3
HIS122World Civilization II3
HIS201Recent US History3
HIS216History of the Merrimack Valley3
HIS223The Modern Middle East3
HIS224Vietnam War3
HIS250World War II3
HIS253History and Film3
HIS255Quest for the Presidency3
PSY101Introduction to Psychology3
PSY105Organizational Behavior3
PSY110Lifespan Psychology3
PSY200Basic Research Methods for the Behavioral Sciences3
PSY201Developmental Psychology I: Childhood & Adolescence3
PSY202Developmental Psychology II: Adulthood & Aging3
PSY203Child Psychology3
PSY204Adolescent Psychology3
PSY205Psychology of Personality3
PSY206Social Psychology3
PSY207Abnormal Psychology3
SOC101Introduction to Sociology3
SOC104Introduction to Criminology3
SOC107Contemporary Social Problems3
SOC108Death & Dying3
SOC204Race & Ethnic Relations3
SOC208Sex and Gender in a Global World3