HES121 Phlebotomy Externship

A supervised placement in an affiliating clinical agency provides students with an opportunity to obtain hematological specimens from patients using techniques of venipuncture and micro-collection. PLEASE NOTE: CORI (Criminal Offender Record Information), CHRI (Criminal Records Central Repository) and/or SORI (Sex Offender Record Information) checks are required prior to participation in this course. Drug Screening: Students enrolled in this academic course may be required to pass a drug screening analysis.

Credit Hours


Other Hours



ENG101 English Composition I Minimum Grade of: C and HES120 Phlebotomy Minimum Grade of: C and HES115 Medical Terminology and CIS101 or higher


HES103 RICCS: Preparing for Success in a Healthcare Career and HES201 Healthcare Law and Ethics


  • Background Check Required

  • Drug Screening May Be Required

  • Free Elective

Major Restrictions

Healthcare Technician Certificate