HES102 Learning Strategies for Success in Healthcare Careers

This introductory course will focus on learning strategies that can be utilized throughout a healthcare program’s curriculum. This course is specifically designed for those students who have applied to or will apply to a healthcare career program at NECC. Emphasis will be placed on learning tools necessary for success in a rigorous healthcare career program. Although completion of this course does not guarantee acceptance into a health career program-it will give the student the study, reading, critical thinking and test taking skills necessary for success in all aspects of learning.

Credit Hours


Lecture Hours



Reading proficiency and Writing proficiency or RWR090 Reading Writing and Reasoning Minimum Grade of: C or ESL110 ESL Transitional Writing Minimum Grade of: C or ENG101 English Composition I or higher Minimum Grade of: C and Fndns of Math proficiency or MAT010 or higher Minimum Grade of: C


  • Free Elective