Dropping a Course

Students may drop (withdraw from) a course on or before the last day to receive a “W” grade in accordance with dates listed in the college Academic Calendar. To drop a course, students must complete the Drop portion of the Registration Form, and submit the form to Enrollment Services for processing. Before dropping a course, students should consult with their Academic Advisor, Financial Aid office, if appropriate, and also inform the instructor of the course that they are dropping the course. Students who are enrolled (matriculated) in a program and plan to drop ALL their courses and discontinue their studies, should officially withdraw from the college. The following withdrawal grades are assigned when a course is dropped:

Period 1: No withdrawal grade is assigned and the course is deleted from the registration record if a course is dropped during the official “drop and receive a refund” period. For specific information about refunds, refer to the Refund Policy.

Period 2: A “W” withdrawal grade, which is non-punitive, is assigned to a course that is officially dropped after the end of the course’s refund period through the date specified in the current Academic Calendar. Note: A “NW” non-participation grade is assigned if the student is dropped for non-participation by the course instructor during the official withdrawal period.

Students may not drop a course after Period 2 ends, unless there are extenuating circumstances for which the student must provide official documentation and meet with the Dean of the Academic Division within which their major/program of study resides. Students who are unsure of who their Division Dean is should reference Academic Centers or contact an Academic Advisor for clarification. Students who drop all of their courses will be considered to have withdrawn from the college, and if matriculated, their program of studies. Students who were matriculated in a program will have to reapply for program admission per the Withdrawing from College policy. In addition, grades will be assigned in accordance with dates specified in the Academic Calendar and per college policy. Note: “W” grades (see Grading Systems and Policies) currently carry no earned credit or quality points, but do appear on student transcripts.

The length of a Drop/Add period for accelerated or extended courses or sessions may vary, but is equivalent to the above mentioned policy, and posted accordingly. Exceptions to these policies may be made only by the Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs. Consult the Academic Calendar for dates relative to dropping a course.

Updated: 2021-2022 Academic Catalog (Effective Fall 2021)