RTA205 Computer Imaging & Cross Sectional Anatomy

Introduce the student to the fundamental principles of medical computer technology. Basic cross sectional anatomy of the brain, thorax, abdomen, pelvis, spine will be presented as demonstrated in computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging.

Credit Hours


Lecture Hours



RTA201 Radiologic Equipment & Quality Assurance Minimum Grade of: C and RTA202 Advanced Radiographic Imaging Minimum Grade of: C and RTA294 Clinical Practicum IV Minimum Grade of: C


RTA203 Radiobiology & Protection Minimum Grade of: C and RTA204 Special Radiographic & Interventional Procedures Minimum Grade of: C and RTA295 Clinical Practicum V Minimum Grade of: C


  • Free Elective

  • Public Presentation Intensive

Program Major Restrictions

Radiologic Technology