RTA192 Clinical Practicum II

The student will apply principles learned in the classroom at the clinical site under direct supervision. Student assignments will be under the direction of the college clinical coordinator and the liaison instructor. Students are required to perform supervised clinical activity and laboratory demonstration for a total of 16 hours per week. PLEASE NOTE: CORI (Criminal Offender Record Information), CHRI (Criminal Records Central Repository) and/or SORI (Sex Offender Record Information) checks are required prior to participation in this course. Drug Screening: Students enrolled in this academic course may be required to pass a drug screening analysis.

Credit Hours


Other Hours



HES130 Introduction to Patient Care and RTA110 Radiologic Procedures I Minimum Grade of: C and RTA111 Radiologic Exposures I Minimum Grade of: C and RTA191 Clinical Practicum I Minimum Grade of: C


RTA120 Radiologic Procedures II Minimum Grade of: C and RTA121 Radiologic Exposures II Minimum Grade of: C


  • Background Check Required

  • Drug Screening May Be Required

  • Free Elective

Program Major Restrictions

Radiologic Technology