COP110 Internship Education

Internship Education is an experiential course designed to provide training for students seeking to enter or reenter a career field. Students gain practical experiences that are related to their academic program and/or career goals, subject to guidelines established by the appropriate academic department. Each student is expected to complete a career package, interview for a workplace position, establish five training objectives, participate in at least three workshops and one reflection seminar, write a reflection paper, and produce a career portfolio. The student’s progress will be evaluated by the Internship Coordinator, Faculty Coordinator, and Work-Site Supervisor. Students applying for Internship must have completed a minimum of 12 credit hours at NECC with a minimum GPA of 2.5. A CORI/SORI/CHRI check may be required by the worksite. Students will complete 12 hours in class and 168 hours on site.

Credit Hours


Lecture Hours


Lab Hours



Reading proficiency and Writing proficiency or RWR090 Reading Writing and Reasoning Minimum Grade of: C and Fndns of Math proficiency


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