BIO117 Field Studies in Natural Systems

This intensive field based study of natural systems will investigate the biological and physical aspects of a location in Central/South America or other international/continental location following an initial academic investigation. The course will provide lab and lecture study in a remote field setting and may include, but not necessarily be limited to ecological study, physical survey and biome investigation using the area as a world model. It is likely to entail a cultural component directly related to the locale visited. Study will be directed toward a global and scientific awareness fostered through distant travel as the student is immersed in many facets of inquiry. Permission of the instructor is required.

Credit Hours


Lecture Hours


Lab Hours



Reading proficiency and Writing proficiency or RWR090 Reading Writing and Reasoning Minimum Grade of: C and Fndns of Math proficiency


  • Free Elective

  • Liberal Arts Elective

  • Science Elective

  • Science Technology Intensive