BIO108 Marine Biology

This course is designed to provide an introduction to the biology of marine animals, including their physiology, ecology and behavior. The readings and lectures will illustrate many basic biological principles through study of the ocean environment and an examination of the plants & animals that live in the sea. We will also read about and discuss the major types of marine habitats including the deep sea, estuaries, and coral reefs. This course will include several field trips where marine biological concepts will be studied outdoors in and around the marine environment. In addition to the standard course fees, students will provide their own transport to local field sites and be required to purchase waterproof footwear. Although it is not required, a previous course in biology will help.

Credit Hours


Lecture Hours


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Reading proficiency and Writing proficiency or RWR090 Reading Writing and Reasoning Minimum Grade of: C and Fndns of Math proficiency


  • Free Elective

  • Information Literacy Intensive

  • Liberal Arts Elective

  • Reading Content Course

  • Science Elective

  • Science Technology Intensive